About us

Citizens of Gera on Lesvos Greece have founded the non-profit organization (NPO) “SYN TOIS ALLOIS” (with the others). All Initiative members are active around the cultivation of the olive and the production of olive products. The NPO is currently consisting of

The NPO was established to pursue the following objectives • Preserve the olliveforrest of Gera in Lesvos, Greece • Contribute to the economic and social development of the region We are aware that we must take action to preserve our livelihood and become independent of external aid. We are further aware that our the common approach is the only correct way to give the region hope for a better future.

Our Work 

The determining element of all members is the natural and organic cultivation of the olive tree and its maintenance and the production of our olive products. The conscious decision to produce naturally in combination with the mild and sunny climate of the region of Gera guarantees the highest possible quality and taste. In addition the forrest like chatacter of the landscape does not allow an intensive olive cultivation, but an extensive one The age-old olive trees require us to treat with respect and care, by doing so we are confident to get the precious fruit of these trees. The activities of the NOP, as of its memorandum are as follows

  • The preservation of the olive-forrest of Gera in Lesvos, Greece Organizing and conducting seminars, lectures, workshops and artistic events
  • Support for participation in the above mentioned activities of individuals and other organizations that are working for the Olive and their products
  • Support for the marketing of products in the region and abroad
  • The publication and distribution of studies, books, periodicals and other means of communication to spread the objectives of the NPO.

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